Pole Fitness

Intro Level

This class is designed for students who have never taken pole dance class before. No dance background required for this class. Students will learn how to walk around the pole, few basic spins, and some transition moves. We recommend taking this class 2-4 times before moving into beginner level.

Beginner Level

Students will learn basic spins, transaction moves, floor work and climb up and down the pole in this class. Students will be able to free dance with all the moves and tricks learned in this class.

Intermediate Level

Students must be able to invert before take this class. Students will learn aerial inversions, leg hangs, aerial combos and transitions in this class.

Exotic Pole

Exotic pole focuses on the techniques  to master floor works, low flow transitions, and acrobatic pole moves. In this class, Students will learn a choreographed routine combining the elements of pole tricks on the floor, around the base of the pole, and on the pole using low flow sequences with an emphasis on flow, fluidity, and musicality.

(Heels and knee pads are recommended for this class) 

Aerial Hoop 

In this class, students start with learning the basics of spinning and the basic ways to get up and down onto the hoop. Once comfortable with this, they will progress onto more advanced moves. Advanced students learn performance skill and technique.


Learn the proper form and technique when doing your stretches to get the maximum benefit. Open up the tight areas in your body for overall wellness and to achieve some tricks on the pole. This class is open to all levels and everyone is welcome! 

Twerk Out

Students learn how to properly perform all of the fundamental LTO twerk moves. LTO Fitness provides a modern, sexy, and fun workout that's just as efficient as traditional cardio. It is designed to not only help you reach the physical results you've been hoping for, but also gives you a boost of confidence. No experience is required. You should bring knee pads to the classes.


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